Sunday, December 18, 2011

The poem : "Tribute" from the book "I Choose You"


May the Lord cup your face in his hands and

Look deeply into your eyes that the pain and anguish

Be extracted by the touch of a holy and caring God.

May you be complete in the hands of your Maker,

And be made whole in His embrace.

Know that to live for Christ is great joy and peace.

And to serve him greater than riches or gold

For to serve Christ there are treasures untold,

And to die in him there is rest in his everlasting arms.

May the depth of your healing so exceed the pain

You once experienced that you may heal others

Who have suffered so profound a loss.

May fulfillment and completion be yours once again,

May you be free to love purely and rejoice richly,

In holiness, without pain, without guilt, without shame.

by Carlos Garcia

"I Choose You" by Carlos Garcia available on or

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