Monday, November 7, 2011

You Are

Poem I wrote today
To My Wife:

You Are...

You are strong,
You are beautiful,
You are gracious,
You are precious.

You are lovely,
You are holy,
You are decisive,
You are overcomer.

You are persistent,
You are resilient,
You are a fighter,
You are strengthened.

You are unique,
You are exquisite,
You are a treasure,
You are priceless.

You are my love,
You are my dove,
You are my life,
You are my wife.

by Carlos Garcia
P.S. I am proud of what you do, but more so of who you are.
Copyright 2011 * "The above poem written by the author of “I Choose You: A Poetic Journey" * E-book available on and
Please note: “You Are” does not currently appear on “I Choose You,” but speaks of the type of poem that are written therein.

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